"Ms. Sharon is the kind of teacher I wish my son had for his entire educational "career." Apart from her musical talent and love for music that she instils in the children, she is amazingly organized, caring and thoughtful. She is constantly on top of matching one’s needs with one’s abilities, and restlessly passionate about moving children forward and drawing the best out of them. She is strict, but loving; she is disciplined, but leaves space for humour and laughing and play; she is demanding, but appreciative and full of praise at the same time. I run one of the largest charities in Slovakia, and we work with the majority of Slovak schools. For this reason, I know many of the teachers personally. My husband is from the United States and has the experience of both public and private schools. With these backgrounds in mind, we can both fully recommend Ms. Sharon as one of the most competent and unique teachers we have met in our lives."

Lenka Surotchak (parent of Jonah)

Director at Pontis Foundation


"Sharon Marnell is a credit to the teaching profession and an inspiration to all budding performing artists.  Her approach to working with children is refreshing - she teaches them using fun, interactive and musically based methods and themes; she explains things to children in terms which they can easily relate to and appreciate and she can unite and motive children to produce amazing performances beyond their parents expectations (I speak from experience)!  Sharon is full of musical creativity and professional diligence and will always ensure that children perform to the best of their abilities by giving them confidence and skills in a happy and fun-loving environment." 

Miranda Hacket (parent of Thomas)


"Our daughter was in Miss Sharon’s class for two years and also attended piano classes with her. She enjoyed both having her as her class teacher and having her as a piano teacher very much. We have known Miss Sharon as a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, with a sense of humor and great attitude when dealing with children. Miss Sharon was known amongst the parents as a teacher who can inspire the children and correct them in a very motivating manner if needed, using the concept of virtues in everyday interactions. Our daughter also enjoyed ukulele lessons in Miss Sharon’s class and to this day remembers and plays some of the songs. The performances Miss Sharon practiced with our children were always a highlight of the school year. Our daughter loved practicing the songs and dances for the performance and was always very proud when the day of the performance came. It was lovely to watch the pride and sense of accomplishment on the children’s faces as they performed what they have practiced with Miss Sharon. Choice of songs, use of educative stories, music, and the scene… everything contributed to a wonderful experience for everybody present. We miss Miss Sharon very much and I am sure she has a lot to offer to the schools and children she will be working with in the future."

Janka Ashford 2014 (parent of Jenny)

"Our 7 and 9 year-old children spent 4 school years with Ms. Sharon Marnell. Their relationship with her became very strong and friendly immediately. In the beginning our children were very shy, they couldn't perform with confidence but thanks to Ms. Sharon's hard and eager work and her great sense of humour they were very keen on performing very soon. They learnt how to move, sing and speak in front of a large audience and how to show their skills in a best way. They enjoyed every second of practice and they were very satisfied after the performance, which was always a great success. We were always very proud of them, it was great to see their happiness and confidence on the stage each time. We hope many children will experience her great skills in the future."

Zoli and Tundi Patai (parents of Kristof and Rebeca)

“I’ve known Miss Sharon for couple of years as she was my daughter’s class-teacher at Brilliant Stars International Kindergarten. I could not wish for a better teacher. She teaches from heart. She cares about the children, as if they were her own and helps them to become good people with respect for others. My daughter wanted Miss Sharon to be proud of her, because she saw her as her role model and even after couple of years, she is always happy to hear from her. Sharon was not just some teacher; she was a valuable person, who helped me grow my child, supporting her and caring for her. I also have to add, that I loved the performances Sharon prepared for parents at the end of the school year or for musical concerts. It was clear how much effort she put into it and it was a real experience for the audience. (Miss Spider’s Tea Party is our most favorite show that we have experienced and we adore the beautiful songs from it) I recommend Sharon as a musical/performance teacher as I believe that with her professional, kind approach and talent for music, any school will benefit from having her on board.”

Dominika Podolska (parent of Alexandra)

"Miss Sharon was a teacher at the Kindergarten as well as teaching piano lessons to our daughter Zoe (aged 6), for almost two years. Here are some observations about impact of the lessons on our daughter. Sharon advised Zoe to practice every day just few minutes (the period we extended from 5 to 15 minutes after a time). This every-day repeating activity was a new experience for Zoe and she learnt to be responsible and manage her time better. We think that understanding the relationship between a sheet of music and tones helped Zoe to learn the relationship between letters and sounds and this helped her to easier comprehend reading and writing. Confidence was another benefit that Zoe gained from the piano lessons. She had a problem to perform in front of an audience and was very nervous during her first piano concert. However Miss Sharon was sitting next to her, pointing at the music sheet, which helped Zoe to overcome her initial nervousness. Playing at concerts was a good opportunity for Zoe to internalize that practice is crucial and being well prepared means confidence and success at any performance in front of an audience. We still use the first piano concert as an example when Zoe is preparing for a school project or dance performance or even a math test. Having music performance lessons with Miss Sharon helped Zoe in overcoming various difficulties in day-to-day life. We remind Zoe of the skills she has learned in her piano lessons often when she faces a difficult task. We compare this difficult task to learning a new piano piece - start from reading the music sheet, play slowly one hand, then try together, etc. Miss Sharon also prepared children for a school performance twice a year and the final show was an artistic experience! Not only was it a very professional show like in a theatre but our daughter also learnt how teamwork is important for a final result."

Ivana Krajnak (parent of Zoe)

"Miss Sharon Marnell was the class teacher of my daughter from 4 until the age of where she also taught performance and ukulele and piano. From the first moment at school, I have realized that all children in the kindergarten simply love their ´Miss Sharon´ – she was always surrounded with group of kids. Miss Sharon taught children with love, care and all kindness but also at the same time she was asking them to show their knowledge in practice or game. Lucy always came home excited with new songs or stories and becoming more self-confident in English - this is her second language. The performances prepared for parents were amazing, absolutely breathtaking. I was speechless and everyone were proud of what and how their kids performed. It was obvious that children were relaxed and enjoyed themselves very much. Scenery and costumes very simple but with a big impact to the show – every little detail had been planned and was the matter. I was speechless because the performance was ready for a kids competition / theatre show. Very simple but touching with the main theme of love, friendship, kindness and hapiness. I never would expect that kids in the age of 5-6 are able to perform that ´proffesionaly´. As Miss Sharon was in-day to day contact for the whole year, she had known all kids very well, she brought into light the potential of every single child. It is obvious that from Miss Marnell´s big enthusiasm into art and music affected each child in a positive way for their future life. She is open to many ideas and her experience is visible. Miss Sharon inspired Lucy and other children to play piano and ukulele. I like the fact that Miss Marnell was asking Lucy practicing piano play at home regurary since the age of 4. This built up Lucy´s discipline and she inspired also her older sister to learn piano as well. Meantime Lucy bacame more interested in music - as soon as Lucy was able to read some notes she started to play her own tunes and melodies asking Miss Sharon for help her to record them on paper. I have realized that Lucy became much more self-confident and she loved to attend Miss Marnell classes. We (especially children but also my family as well as the other parents in the kindergarten) were very sad to hear that Miss Sharon is leaving Slovakia. For sure Miss Sharon enriched our children‘s lives so much and I am sure that her work brought a huge contribution to them for their future. I am a big supporter of Miss Marnell settling business connecting world of children and world of art, music and drama. I know that it will enrich everybody participated in it – teachers, children, parents. I am sure that it will open the doors to many kids who can benefit from it now and later in their lives."

Veronika Siricova (parent of Lucy)


Sharon was the teacher of two of our children, Elisha and Leo.  Her educational and specifically musical impact on all the children was phenomenal. The children were very passionate about their music under her leadership and the results in the form of two yearly musicals were amazing. The quality of the performances - apart from the fact that it was very authentic and original - was really professional. The fact she was teaching children aged 5-6 to sing, dance and create such a thing together was truly amazing - and such a great base for their relationships and development of skills for their future. On a top of it, she produced, developed and directed all arrangements and preparation by herself, which is great sign of her professional skills. She also taught piano and class ukulele lessons and most importantly - all children again enjoyed it, they loved playing those instruments! Sharon is the kind of teacher you never forget in all the positive aspects you can imagine. She is a rare teacher in the best possible way; a strict teacher who loves, which gives to all the children a fantastic frame and sense of authority, within they can move freely and safely. They all loved her and were looking forward fo see her everyday. I am happy to encourage everyone to join her class and teaching. Our kids were truly happy to have her, and we all miss her a lot, but we are very thankful for the enrichment which we and our children got from her.  

Jozef Luptak, (parent of Elisha and Leo)

Concert cellist and director of Int.Festival Konvergencie/Convergence