Ants In Your Pants lessons deliver...

  •  Customised and tailored music and performance-arts lessons – catering to  your  particular school needs

  •  Lessons that support cross-curricular learning

  •  Whole-class ukulele and recorder lessons

  •  Choir and singing tuition, songs for all activities

  •  Performances prepared for:

    •  Christmas festivities

    •  Assemblies

    •  Public service performances

  •  Dramatic role-play to support the curriculum and character education

  •  New Music Curriculum covered

  •  Poems, choral speaking, and performance practice

  •  World dance exploration, multi-cultural explorations

  •  Ballroom, Old Tyme (think Strictly Comes Dancing) and “Prom” preparation

  •  Exploration of the orchestra with real instruments and hands-on activities

  •  Opportunities for using technology in music making

  • Teacher training on the job – so you can support learning between lessons and  increase school expertise and standards - complimenting and adding to your  existing staff skills


   Experience and Expertise

  • Theatre Arts Degree – 1st class Honours, University of Derby, 2010

    • Including Theatre-in-Education, Script Writing, Directing & Producing, Technical Theatre and Arts Management

  • Experienced professional in the entertainment business – over 30 years

  • 15 years drama training

  • 13 years vocal training

  • 12 years instrumental training

  • 10 years dance training

  • Class teacher in an renowned international school – 4 years

  • Experienced in teaching children with no English or English as a second language

  • World travelled and experienced in multi-cultural/multi faith environments

  • A teacher of piano, ukulele, recorder, saxophone and trumpet for beginners

  • Creator of mini-musicals, concerts, choir and instrumental performances and public performances

  • Working knowledge and basic competence of most musical instruments

Personal Skills

  •  Communication

  •  Creativity

  •  Flexibility

  •  Adaptability

  •  Leadership and team worker

  •  Class management

  •  Music curriculum knowledge

  •  Creating a loving and supportive learning environment

  •  Humour

  •  Drive and enthusiasm

  •  Organisation

  •  Negotiation and motivation

  •  Stress tolerance, resilience and perseverance

  •  Integrity and a positive role model


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